when it comes to home decor

Whether it’s wearing it or adding it to your home, pink is really a classic colour with a rich history of applications from designer gowns to roman shade window valances, paint colours and pink home decor accessories.

So, when it comes to home decor, just how are you going to infuse a pink shade into your home? Let me show you…

1. A pink statement couch You don’t have to have an overly-girly home to pick a pink statement couch for your living room. In fact, sometimes a pink sofa works best when it feels completely unexpected, like in a modern living room or even a bedroom.

2. Pink accent pillows  Not ready for a complete pink overhaul? Pink throw pillows offer just the right amount of color, and feel fun and fresh on a living room couch or on the bed. Choose your shade according to your sofa or bed upholstery and watch it brighten up the room from 0 to 100 in seconds!

3. Go bold with a pink neon sign Go the celebrity way! From the likes of Lauren Conrad to Kourtney Kardashian—living space featuring a modern neon sign is quite the rage. Make it the focal point of your living room, put it above your bed, or hang it in your kitchen—there’s really no wrong way to decorate with these guys.

4. Pink flowers The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to add pink to your home is by introducing flowers to your decor. Pink flowers—especially roses or peonies—make a great accent, particularly in an otherwise neutral space.

5. Pink drapes Got a neutral room that you’re looking to punch up? Light pink curtains will do just the trick. 

6. Dare to paint your walls pink If the idea is unsettling, start with your bathroom and choose a softer tone. It is feminine and looks super stunning!

7. Pink appliances Make your kitchen notches cooler with pink appliances. Whether it’s a fridge or a toaster, it’ll add a pop of color to your otherwise dull space.

8. Pink art  Choose a pink piece of art to be the focal point of a chosen room. It’s quirky, fun and super cool. Plus, it won’t be too much to handle, just in case you’re not that big a fan of the color

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